The company has in place a range of policies, procedures, and systems, which guides its operations and ensure adherence to corporate governance. These can be categorized in:

  • Property Development and management policies
  • Finance Policies
  • Rent setting and collection policies
  • Tenant management policies
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Human Resource Management and Labor Relations
  • General Administration
  • Energy efficiency improvement and water conservation policies
  • Technology Innovation strategy
  • Greening strategy
  • Strategic Partnerships
Administrative Policies Tenants Management Policies
Staff Recruitment Policy Tenants Marketing Policy
Remuneration Policy Tenants Admission Policy
Leave Policy Debt Management Policy
Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures Complaints Management Policy
Rental Collection Policy Disputes Management Policy
Finance Management Policy Tenants Participation Policy
Internal Audit Policy Tenants Eviction Policy
Property Maintenance Policy


Tenant Participation

To ensure good governance and participation of tenants to facility management the Board has taken a decision to provide a tenant participation platform to all social housing developments, in the form of a Tenants Committee.

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